By 2050, one man in four will be African. This surprising statistic gives an urgent character to the question: How will the nations of Africa succeed in providing a quality education, health care and, above all, economic opportunities for this growing population?

Over the last 50 years, the task of addressing these major societal issues has been left to governments, while the private sector has been concerned with maximizing profits.

Instead, imagine that the public and private sectors become partners in tackling complex problems and creating social impacts using business strategies . This is the model of social enterprise, a model that is attracting more and more attention and resources.

Many types of organization are part of this model. It includes corporate social responsibility, self-sustaining social enterprises, and charity organizations supported by donors but engaging in economic activities.

What unites them is the focus on the double bottom line. For these types of organizations, doing good or social impact must be at the heart of the business, not just, what happens along the way.

The model of social enterprise is that of the future, a model that has unimaginable potential to bring development and prosperity to Togo and the rest of the world.

Social enterprises and corporate social responsibility are a lever for new socio-economic developments, as well as the achievement of the objectives of the National Development Plan of Togo (PND 2018-2022). They must be supported. The Togo CSR / SE Task Force, in collaboration with the Togolese Government, the Embassy of the United States of America in Togo, the social economy promotion organizations, the ALAFFIA Company and the development partners want to contribute concrete answers to these questions through a high-level conference on social entrepreneurship from 06 to 07 June 2019 in Lomé, Togo.

Ecobank ETI,Lome

06 to 07 June 2019

Applications for attending the conference are open until May 26, 2019.

N.B: Neither the transport nor the accommodation are supported by the organizers.


+228 70 00 39 67

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